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英文名詞 第二階 索引

 網頁/分類號   自 --- 起   至 --- 止   資料量 
h_000710 oasis oasis 1
h_000711 oberwind observer 14
h_000712 occluded cyclone octant 20
h_000713 oe oersted 2
h_000714 off level offtime report 6
h_000715 ohm(Ω) ohm(Ω) 1
h_000716 old snow olland cycle 3
h_000717 ombrometer omega momentum flux 5
h_000718 on-shore wind onset of Mei-Yu 5
h_000719 opacus optimum overrelaxation p 21
h_000720 ora orthomorphic map 21
h_000721 oscillation ostria 8
h_000722 ouari output 5
h_000723 overcast overturn 10
h_000724 ox's eye oxygen isotope record 4
h_000725 ozone depletion potentia ozonopaus 4