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英文名詞 第二階 索引

 網頁/分類號   自 --- 起   至 --- 止   資料量 
h_000549 a priori probability a priori reason 2
h_000550 ab-polar current absorption spectrometer 56
h_000551 accedental errors acute pollution 98
h_000552 adaptation brightness advisory forecast 71
h_000553 aeolian aestivation 48
h_000554 afforestation aftersummer 6
h_000555 ageostrophic agueil 19
h_000556 aiguolos airways shelter 82
h_000557 albedo alveolat air 71
h_000558 amalgamation amplitude-modulated indi 16
h_000559 anabaric anvil 132
h_000560 apartment microclimate approximate value 29
h_000561 aqueous aerosol aquifuge 5
h_000562 aracaty artillery meteorological 46
h_000563 ascendent asynoptic data 27
h_000564 athermancy attraction 69
h_000565 audibility meter auvergnasse 46
h_000566 available buoyant energy avre 21
h_000567 aweather aweather 1
h_000568 axial force axisymmetric vortex 8
h_000569 ayalas ayalas 1
h_000570 azel scope azimuth perturbation 4