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英文名詞 第二階 索引

 網頁/分類號   自 --- 起   至 --- 止   資料量 
h_000416 S S 1
h_000417 S-Values S-band 2
h_000418 S/N S/N 1
h_000419 SAGE SAWRS 3
h_000420 SBSD SBSD 1
h_000421 SC str SCT 3
h_000422 SD SD(sd) 2
h_000423 SEASAT SESAME 2
h_000424 SFERICS SFY 2
h_000425 SG SGL 2
h_000426 SHF SHLRGF 3
h_000427 SI unit SIRS 4
h_000428 SLT SLT 1
h_000429 SMK SMS 3
h_000430 SNOINCR SNWFL 2
h_000431 SOI SOI 1
h_000432 SP SPCZ 2
h_000433 SQLN SQLN 1
h_000434 SR SR storm 2
h_000435 SS SSU 7
h_000436 STD STP 4
h_000437 SVR SVR 1
h_000438 SW SWEAT index 2
h_000439 SX SXNAC 2
h_000440 SYNOP SYNOP 1
h_000441 Sailing directions Sayper-Eliassen equation 22
h_000442 Sc Scud 37
h_000443 Sea breeze Severe-storm observation 34
h_000444 Sferics observation Sferics(Spherics) 3
h_000445 Shallow fog Shurin rains 19
h_000446 Siberian airmass Six's thermometer 26
h_000447 Skew T-log P diagram Skyhook balloon 7
h_000448 Sleet Slush 6
h_000449 Small ion(亦稱Light ions Smudging 10
h_000450 Snell's law Snowflake 28
h_000451 Soft rime South equatorial current 33
h_000452 Space charge Sprung barograph 29
h_000453 Squall Squall line 2
h_000454 St Stuve diagram 121
h_000455 Subgeostrophic wind Sutcliffe development eq 58
h_000456 Swarm Swell 2
h_000457 Symmetry point Synoptic wave-chart 12