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英文名詞 第二階 索引

 網頁/分類號   自 --- 起   至 --- 止   資料量 
h_000007 A A scope 3
h_000008 ABC bucket ABC bucket 1
h_000009 ACARS ACN 3
h_000010 ADEOS ADZ 6
h_000011 AERO AERO code 3
h_000012 AFO AFTN 3
h_000013 AGU AGU 1
h_000014 AHD AHD 1
h_000015 AIREP AIREP 2
h_000016 ALPEX ALSTG 2
h_000017 AMCL AMTEX 4
h_000018 AN ANDB 2
h_000019 AP 2 APT 4
h_000020 ARCAS-ROBIN system ART 9
h_000021 ASOS ASOS 1
h_000022 ATC ATS 2
h_000023 AVHRR AVHRR 1
h_000024 AWIPS AWY 4
h_000025 Abbe number Absorptivity 28
h_000026 Ac Actual pressure 23
h_000027 Adaptation luminance Advective model 13
h_000028 Aeration Aerosol 16
h_000029 Afer Aftershock 6
h_000030 Agglomeration Agulhas current 6
h_000031 Air Aitken uucleus counter 37
h_000032 Alaska current Altostratus(簡寫As) 29
h_000033 Amble diagram Amorphous sky 3
h_000034 Anabatic wind Anvil cloud 54
h_000035 Aperture Approximate absolute tem 10
h_000036 Arago distance Artificial horizon 25
h_000037 As Astronomical unit 18
h_000038 Athos fall wind Attenuation coeffcient 22
h_000039 Audio-modulated radioson Auxiliary thermometer 12
h_000040 Available potential ener Avogadro's number 10
h_000041 Axial symmetry Axis of dilatation 3
h_000042 Azimuth Azran 8