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英文 第一階 索引

 網頁/分類號   自 --- 起   至 --- 止   資料量 
e_id0001 - - 64
e_id0002 00 000 2
e_id0003 10 17 6
e_id0004 20 28 10
e_id0005 30 36 7
e_id0006 AAAA Automation of Field Operat 88
e_id0007 BIO Bureau of Plant Industry(U 16
e_id0008 CANCER Cyclonicity Meridionality 119
e_id0009 DOIT Drought Monitoring Center, 21
e_id0010 EARTHS Experimental Climate Predi 51
e_id0011 FAMILE Front 28
e_id0012 GARP Gust 32
e_id0013 HABRP Hydrologic Information Cen 30
e_id0014 I Invaded Typhoon 74
e_id0015 JACB_ Journal of Physical Oceano 45
e_id0016 KEELING Mauna Loa CO2 data Kuo Yu Daily News 18
e_id0017 LAPIS LAZULI LIGHT Loran/Omega course and tra 27
e_id0018 MAITCH Muirhead Facsimile Copier 35
e_id0019 NAS Committee on Atmospher Northern Hemisphere Data T 110
e_id0020 OLR P Index ?? Oversea Chinese Daily 13
e_id0021 PCAGAI Pulse Phase Modulation 34
e_id0022 Quadrature Phase-Shift Key Queensland Centre for Clim 3
e_id0023 RADXSB Royal Meteorological Socie 35
e_id0024 SAFMG_ Systems Operations Center 65
e_id0025 TAISON Tzu Chiang Daily News 110
e_id0026 U.S. Air Force Environment Upper-air observation 35
e_id0027 VIEWL Voluntary Assistance Progr 5
e_id0028 WAVE3 Wuchi N24d15m31.44 E 41
e_id0029 Y2K Yushan N23d29m21.49 E 9
e_id0030 Zoology Zoology 1
e_id0031 above sea level azimuth and range 71
e_id0032 backscatter ultraviolet sp breaks in overcast 16
e_id0033 calm cycle/second 73
e_id0034 damaging ultraviolet value dynamic metre 36
e_id0035 earth radiation budget extreme high frequency 22
e_id0036 facsimile ftp Surface Observation Da 28
e_id0037 general circulation model gust 19
e_id0038 heat humilis 22
e_id0039 ice crystals isentropic potential vorti 22
e_id0040 joule joule 1
e_id0041 kilobits knot 8
e_id0042 lacunosus low-resolution transmittan 31
e_id0043 magnetic tape multiplexer 49
e_id0044 nano numerical weather predicti 32
e_id0045 observation systems simula ozone depletion potential 9
e_id0046 pannus pulse-amplitude-code modul 56
e_id0047 quantitative precipitation quod vide 3
e_id0048 radar dome runway visual range 48
e_id0049 salinity-temperature-depth systems for nuclear auxili 87
e_id0050 target position indication twin channel radiometer am 24
e_id0051 ultra-high frequency universal time coordinatio 7
e_id0052 vapor pressure deficit volume 24
e_id0053 warm (air mass), west wet bulb 19
e_id0054 zenith distance zero, zone 2
e_id0055 併、國 國科會地科中心光碟資料庫檢 2