Data Assimilation

Leader of the project: Dr. Ming-Dean Cheng


Data assimilation team was formed in 1994. The works of the data assimilation is one of the most important components in CWB's NWP system. The geographical location of Taiwan is on the southeastern edge of Asia continent. Since the conventional sounding are somewhat limited by the land surface, the limited area forecast model, which is centered on Taiwan, faces the imbalance distribution of the conventional observation. Therefore, works of the data assimilation team are heavily focused on the assimilating of the satellite data.

Current Assimilation System:

Current assimilation system for the Global forecast system has been upgraded to 3DVAR since May, 2003.  The major assimilated data include the conventional soundings, aircraft reports, SSM/I surface wind, NSCAT surface wind, Satellite cloud-track wind, satellite observed radiance and synoptic surface observations.  The 3DVAR for the Non-hydrostatic Forecast System is also under development and will be operation soon.

Future Tasks:

Prospective tasks will be focused on the assimilation of the wide-band radar data and new developed remote sensing observations such as new satellite observed radiance (NOAA16…) AND the meteorological GPS.

Several Major Tasks:

·          Radiance assimilation scheme. (Mr. C.-B. Chou; this task is cooperated with NOAA/FSL)